Workshops, Lectures, and Consultations on
The Science-Theology Interface

Dr. George L. Murphy
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The DNA Double Helix

The Chi-Rho Symbol for Christ

A Feynman Diagram for Pair Creation

Opportunities to take part in the rapidly growing conversations among theology, science, technology, and ethics

  • How can we understand the big bang and biological evolution as aspects of divine creation?
  • How should we make use of medical advances such as genetic engineering?
  • Can Christianity inform our response to environmental crises?

Today's children grow up in a world of science and technology. If the gospel is to be communicated to them, the Church must be in touch with that world.

Churches have begun to see the importance of science and technology. We are also learning the limits, as well as the strengths, of science, and the need for it to be in dialogue with religions. The result has been valuable conversations among theology, science, technology, and ethics.

George MurphyGeorge Murphy has been active for many years in helping churches see the relevance of science for faith and to deal with religious issues raised by science and technology. With a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Johns Hopkins, he taught college science courses for twelve years. He received his M.Div. from Wartburg Seminary, and was pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Tallmadge, Ohio from 1984 till 1999. He is presently a pastoral associate at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Akron, Ohio and an adjunct faculty member at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus.

    Dr. Murphy has published many papers in physics as well as articles in the science-theology dialogue in Dialog, The Lutheran, Zygon, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, and other journals, and writes the “Handiwork” column on issues of science and technology in ministry for Lutheran Partners.  His most recent books are Pulpit Science Fiction (CSS, 2005) and The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross (Trinity Press International, 2003).  Earlier books are Toward a Christian View of a Scientific World (CSS, 2001),  Cosmic Witness (CSS, 1996) and The Trademark of God (Morehouse-Barlow, 1986), which is now out of print.      

  He has spoken at conferences of clergy and laity, seminaries, and universities, taught television courses on science and religion, served on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's Environment Task Force, and until recently was a member of the Steering Committee of the ELCA Alliance on Faith, Science and Technology.  Dr. Murphy is also a member of The Immediate Word team which produces a weekly internet resource for preachers.

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Selected publications

Dr. Murphy is available for workshops, lectures, and other presentations to groups of laity or clergy with varying backgrounds in theology or science. Formats for presentation might include:

  • Talks on specific topics for general or specialized audiences. (A few topics are listed below.)
  • Workshops for laity and clergy on questions of faith, science, and ministry.
  • Continuing education events for clergy.
  • A combination of talks to different groups over two or three days.

Selected Talks 

Seeing the Cosmos from Calvary

The God “placed crosswise in the universe” is the creator, savior, and hallower of the world which science explores.

Science Fiction and Religion
Religious messages conveyed by some popular science fiction films, novels, and television series are examined, along with ways of using science fiction to present the gospel. 

The Religious Value of the Environment
"Dominion" has been seen as a cause of the ecological crisis. Here we explore theologies of nature sensitive to environmental concerns. 

The Universe - Present, Past, and Future
Scientific Big Bang theories, Anthropic Principles, and religious views of origins and the future are explored. 

The New Dialog Between Science and Religion
An overview of the present state of relationships among science, theology, technology, and ethics. 


Selected Workshops 

Preaching in a Scientific Age
The proclamation of the gospel should take account of today's scientific atmosphere. We consider ways in which preachers can work toward that goal. 

Genetics, Medicine, and the Cross
Developments in medicine and biotechnology raise many questions for theology and ethics. This workshop will point to practical ways of dealing with those questions in ministry. 

M-51, the Whirlpool Galaxy

Dr. George L. Murphy, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1361 West Market St., Akron OH 44313
(330) 633-4376 (home) or (330) 836-9327 (office)

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