Accountability! is DEMANDED NOW!

 The Child Support System in the State of Ohio needs drastic changes. Millions of your dollars go thru the STARK AND COLUMBIANA COUNTY child support offices every year and NO ONE HAS TO BE ACCOUNTED OF WHERE IT GOES OR HOW IT'S SPENT!. Just take a look at your child support data sheet and see the check numbers from week to week. Thousands of checks are written every week. You should be extremely upset that the strained economic living conditions that you have to endure, and that the money that is rippid out of your wallet, you have NO say at all when, and what, it is spent on. It's time the receivers of this money, the women that refuse you visitation of your children, be made to account for the money you send them. Just how much do you think is going to your children?! And why do they come to your house week to week in hand me down clothes....Why...because your ex bought a new car or a new dress to go out on a date! This money should be spent on your children and your children only.

For example...If you spent $100,000.00 on rental property, IRA's, CD's or a collage education, you have your money working for you. You expect a return on your money. Over the course of 18 years of child support you would spend more than that! Isn't it strange that you have a say on where your money is spent on every other item you buy, but you don't have a say at all when you hand it over to your "EX" and she dosen't tell you a thing! And O' the way...YOU already paid the taxes on the money you gave her! .... (Your taxes go for stuff like baby bottle tooth decay, you know...important stuff like that.........)

 Areas of Research You May Find Usefull
The State Library of Ohio
This is whats happening in the state of Nevada...Send this to Government leaders in your area!
Stark County Census Information
Ohio Census Information
The US Senant...Senators by State
WWW Virtual Law Library: Table of Contents
Session Law from the 124th General Assembly of OHIO
Ohio Revised Code
Section 3109.051 of the Ohio Revised Code
The United States Code

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