Roman Catholic Archbishops:
The Caribbean

Contains: Camagüey (Cuba), Cap-Haïtien (Haiti), Castries (St. Lucia), Fort-de-France (Martinique), La Habana (Cuba), Hyaguata (Dominican Rep.), Kingston (Jamaica), Nassau (Bahamas), Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Port-of-Spain (Trinidad-Tobago), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Santiago de Cuba (Cuba), Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Rep.), Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep.)

CAMAGÜEY [Cuba] An interior town in east-central Cuba, it was established in its present location in 1529, on the site of an Indian village of the same name.

CAP-HAÏTIEN [Haiti] On the north coast of Haiti, about 30 miles (48 km.) west of the Dominican frontier - it is Haiti's second-largest city and was, in fact, the capital of the colony until 1770.

CASTRIES [St. Lucia] Capital and chief city of St. Lucia island; a Bishopric 1956, elevated to an Archbishopric in 1974.

FORT-de-FRANCE [Martinique] Capital and chief city of Martinique. Josephine Tascher, Napoleon's first wife, was born in the vicinity, in a little town across the bay.

La HAVANA (San Cristobal de la Habana) [Cuba] Capital and largest city on the island. From it's creation in 1787, to 1793, it was the Roman Catholic ecclesiastic authority not only for western Cuba, but also for Spanish possessions on the mainland as well, namely Louisiana and Florida.

HYAGUATA [Dominican Republic] On the north coast of the Dominican Republic, an ephemeral See quickly abandoned in favor of more secure sites along the southern coast.

KINGSTON [Jamaica] Capital and chief city of Jamaica; Vicariate Apostolic of Jamaica 1837; Bishopric of Kingston 1956-1967; Archbishopric from 1967.

NASSAU [Bahamas] Capital of the Bahamas, a resort of international repute located on New Providence Island. Settled from the 1690's, it was formally laid out in 1729. Prefecture Apostolic of Bahama 1929-1941; Vicariate Apostolic of Bahama Islands 1941-1960; Bishopric of Nassau 1960-1999; Archbishopric from 1999.

PORT-au-PRINCE [Haiti] Capital and largest city of Haiti. Apostolic Delegate to Haiti 1861, elevated to an  Archbishopric from 1863.

PORT-of-SPAIN [Trinidad and Tobago] Vicariate Apostolic of Trinidad 1818-1850; Archbishopric of Port-of-Spain from 1850.

SAN JUAN [Puerto Rico] The capital and largest city on the island of Puerto Rico, founded in 1508 by Juan Ponce de Leon - originally, the city was called Puerto Rico and the island San Juan, but common usage over the centuries reversed the names. It is the oldest city under the US flag.

SANTIAGO de CUBA [Cuba] Located in far southeastern Cuba, 40 miles (64 km.) west of Guantanamo. Bishopric of Baracoa (All Cuba) 1517, of Santiago de Cuba 1522.

SANTIAGO de los CABALLEROS [Dominican Republic] A city, often the capital of the republic, in the north along the Yaque del Norte River. Established in 1494 or 5, it is close to being the oldest European community in the Western Hemisphere; it's name is derived from a group of thirty knights of St. James (Sant' Iago) who settled here in 1504.

SANTO DOMINGO [Dominican Republic] The capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic, it is one of the oldest European communities in the Western Hemisphere (founded 1496), and served as the original capital of the Spanish dominions in the 16th century. The Archbishopric here is also the oldest Catholic archepiscopal see in the New World.