Roman Catholic Archbishops: Canada

This files covers Edmonton, Gatineau, Grouard, Halifax, Keewatin, Kingston, Moncton, Montréal, Ottawa, Québec, Regina, Rimouski, St. Boniface, St. John's, Sherbrooke, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

EDMONTON In central Alberta, on the northwestern Great plains, the capital of that Province. Bishopric of  St. Albert until 1912, Archbishopric of Edmonton thereafter.

GATINEAU-HULL On the far southern border of Québec, across the Ottawa River from the national capital of Ottawa. Bishopric of Hull 1963; of Gatineau-Hull 1982.

GROUARD-McLENNAN In north-central Alberta. Grouard is a small village (though it was a bustling and vigourous town in 1913) on the extreme northwest shore of Lesser Slave Lake, 180 miles (290 km.) northwest of Edmonton; McLennan is an equally small community 33 miles (53 km.) west-northwest of Grouard. Athabaska is another small community 133 miles (214 km.) east-southeast of Grouard, and 80 miles (128 km.) north of Edmonton. Apostolic Vicar of Athabaska-Mackenzie 1862, of  Athabaska 1901; of Grouard 1927; Abp. of Grouard-McLennan 1967.

HALIFAX On the southern shore of Nova Scotia, the capital of that Province. Vicar Apostolic of Nova Scotia 1817, Bishopric from 1842.

KEEWATIN-Le PAS Le Pas is in northwestern Manitoba, about 333 miles (535 km.) northwest of Winnipeg. Vicar Apostolic of  Keewatin 1910; Archbishopric of Keewatin-Le Pas from 1967.

KINGSTON At the eastern end of Lake Ontario, in extreme southeaster Ontario Province. Vicar Apostolic of Upper Canada 1819-1826; Bishop of Kingston thereafter.

MONCTON In southeastern New Brunswick.

MONTRÉAL  In far southern Québec Province, the largest city in Canada.

OTTAWA  The capital of the nation, in far southeastern Ontario Province. Bishopric of Bytown 1847; of Ottawa 1860.

QUÉBEC In far southern Québec Province, alongside the St. Lawrence Seaway; one of the oldest cities in Canada.

REGINA In far southern Saskatchewan, the capital of that Province.

RIMOUSKI In full, St. Germain of Rimouski. Located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence Seaway, in far southern Québec.

SAINT BONIFACE  In southern Manitoba; St. Boniface is just to the southeast of Winnipeg. Vicar Apostolic to the North-West (Nord-Ouest) 1844.

SAINT JOHN'S On Newfoundland island, in the far southeast corner, the capital of the Province. Prefecture Apostolic of Newfoundland 1784, Vicar Apostolic of Newfoundland 1796, Bishop of Newfoundland 1847, of St. Johns 1856.

SHERBROOKE  In extreme southern Québec province, about 85 miles east of Montréal.

TORONTO At the northwestern corner of Lake Ontario, about 35 miles (55 km.) north of Niagra Falls; the third-largest city in Canada.

VANCOUVER In extreme southern British Columbia, facing the Strait of Georgia across from Vancouver Island. Vicar Apostolic of British Columbia 1863; Bishopric of New Westminster 1890; Archbishopric of Vancouver 1908.

WINNIPEG Capital of Saskatchewan Province.