Roman Catholicism: Portuguese Diocese
Contains: Braga, Bragança-Miranda, Évora, Lisboa

BRAGANÇA-MIRANDA In the extreme northeastern corner of the nation, Bragança is about 118 miles (190 km.) east-northeast of Porto and about 30 miles (48 km.) south, southwest, and west of the Spanish border. Miranda do Douro is 70 miles (112 km.) east-southeast of Bragança, on the Douro River and directly on the Spanish frontier. Bragança is an ancient city (originally a Celtic stronghold called Brigantia), and is best known as the feudal Dukedom of the dynasts who became Kings of Portugal 1640-1910 and Emperors of Brazil 1822-1889.

LISBOA (Lisbon) The Bishops of Lisbon were historically primates of the Catholic Church in Portugal, and as such at times exerted enormous influence throughout the Portuguese empire. They are one of only three Latin rite Roman Catholic clerics to bear the title of "Patriarch", the others being the Patriarch of Venice and the Patriarch of the East Indies (resident at Goa).