Roman Catholic Archbishops: United States

This file contains Anchorage, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Dubuque, Galveston-Houston, Hartford, Indianapolis, Kansas City (Kan.), Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Milwaukee, Mobile, Newark, New Orleans, New York City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Philadelphia, Portland (Ore.), St. Louis, St. Paul-Minneapolis, San Antonio, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Seattle, Washington D.C..

ANCHORAGE Largest city of Alaska, on the central portion of the south coast, at the head of Cook Inlet and the base of the Kenai Peninsula.

ATLANTA Capital and largest city of Georgia.

BALTIMORE  At the head of Chesapeake Bay, in northern Maryland. Apostolic Prefecture 1784, Bishopric 1789, Archbishopric 1808. Archbishopric of Baltimore-Washington 1939-1947.

BOSTON Capital of Massachusetts and largest city in New England.

CHICAGO Third-largest city in the United States, in the far northeast of Illinois, along the shore of Lake Michigan.

CINCINNATI In far southwestern Ohio, on the Ohio River.

DENVER Capital and largest city of Colorado, in the eastern Rocky Mountains.

DETROIT In far southeastern Michigan, beside Lake St. Clair in the Great Lakes, before the entrance into Lake Erie.

DUBUQUE In eastern Iowa, along the Mississippi.

GALVESTON-HOUSTON Galveston is a coastal port on the Gulf of Mexico, in Texas; Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States, is 40 miles (65 km.) inland from Galveston, to the northwest. Apostolic Vicar of Texas 1841; Bishopric of Galveston 1847-1959, of Galveston-Houston thereafter.

HARTFORD Capital and largest city of Connecticut, in southwestern New England.

INDIANAPOLIS  Bishopric of Vincennes 1834-1898, of Indianapolis thereafter.

KANSAS CITY In far northeastern Kansas, on the Missouri River and just across that river from a much larger city of the same name located in Missouri. Apostolic Vicar to Indian Territories East of the Rocky Mountains 1850-1857; Apostolic Vicar of Kansas 1857-1877; Bishop of Leavenworth 1877-1891; of  Kansas City 1891-1897; of Leavenworth (again) 1897-1947; of Kansas City (again) thereafter.

LOS ANGELES The second-largest city in the United States, located in southwestern California. Bishopric of the Two Californias 1840-1849; of Monterey 1849-1859; of Monterey-Los Angeles 1859-1922 (Monterey split and continued it's own succession); of Los Angeles-San Diego 1922-1936; Archbishopric of Los Angeles thereafter.

LOUISVILLE In northern Kentucky, along the Ohio River; it is 100 miles (160 km.) south of Indianapolis, and an equal distance southwest of Cincinnati. Bishopric of Bardstown 1808-1841; Louisville thereafter.

MIAMI In far southeastern Florida.

MILWAUKEE In far southeastern Wisconsin, the largest city in that state; a port on the shores of Lake Michigan, it is about 80 miles (128 km.) north of Chicago.

MOBILE In far southern Alabama, a port on the Gulf of Mexico 115 miles (185 km.) east of New Orleans. Apostolic Vicar of Alabama and the Floridas 1825, Bishop of Mobile 1829; of Mobile and Birmingham 1954; of Mobile (again) 1969.

NEWARK A large city in northeastern New Jersey, 9 miles (14 km.) west of New York City, on the Passaic River.

NEW ORLEANS On the estuary of the Mississippi River as it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. Bishop of Louisiana and the Two Floridas 1793; of New Orleans thereafter.

NEW YORK CITY Largest city in the United States, located in far southern New York State, on the estuary of the Hudson River as it reaches the western end of Long Island and the sea.

OKLAHOMA CITY Capital of Oklahoma state, in the southern Great Plains. Prefect of Indian Territory 1876; Vicar Apostolic of Indian Territory 1891-1905; Bishopric of Oklahoma 1905; of Oklahoma City and Tulsa 1930; Archbishopric of Oklahoma City 1972

OMAHA In far eastern Nebraska, on the Missouri River as it traverses the Great Plains. Vicar Apostolic of Nebraska 1859, Bishopric of Omaha 1885.

PHILADELPHIA In far southeastern Pennsylvania, the fifth-largest city in the United States, and the nations first capital.

PORTLAND (in Oregon) In far northwestern Oregon, 58 miles (93 km.) from the Pacific coast. Bishopric (Abp. from 1850) of Oregon City to 1928.

SAINT LOUIS A large city in eastern Missouri, on the Mississippi River.

SAINT PAUL and MINNEAPOLIS Two cities adjacent to one another across the Mississippi River from each other, in southeastern Minnesota; St. Paul is the capital of that state. Bishopric  (Abp. 1888) of St. Paul to 1966, of St. Paul and Minneapolis thereafter.

SAN ANTONIO A large city in south-central Texas, 178 miles (286 km.) west of Houston.

SAN FRANCISCO A large city in western California on the Pacific coast.

SANTA FE In northern New Mexico, the capital of that state.

SEATTLE In northwestern Washington state, on Puget Sound. Bishopric of Nesqually to 1907; Seattle thereafter.

WASHINGTON D. C. The capital of the nation from 1800. Located in it's own autonomous District (of Columbia) on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia.