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A very encouraging season, in some respects; we had 324 participants, and another five shooting variations - this represents a huge return in numbers from last year's participation. On the other hand, scores were noticeably lower for some reason - no-one exceeded 200, and that is the very first time that has ever happened since we've been recording scores online, some ten years ago. On the whole, though, I am pleased with the way things went - we had a very large contingent of participation from the East kingdom, completing the reversal of a trend which in some years past had seen almost no-one from there: that certainly can't be said now... Here are the totals for participation by kingdom:
East 63
Northshield 62
Æthelmearc 59
Ealdormere 59
An Tir 28
Atlantia 23
Middle 20
West 7
Calontir 6
Meridies 2
As always, if there is anything I could be doing differently next season in order to increase interest, please don't hesitate to let me know. One idea I've been mulling over is to take a leaf from the IKACs, and award prizes. I will keep all and sundry informed as things develop. For now, thank you all for participating, we will return next season at the usual time.

The Winner for the 2007-2008 Season:

Dolan Madoc of Harlech, from Lonely Tower, Calontir

using a 150 pound crossbow (no sight marks)

The winning round (submitted April 10, 2008) looked like this:

static 1 23
static 2 26
bullseye 1 24
bullseye 2 23
wand 1 28
wand 2  24
speed round 1 22
speed round 2 28

Total: 198

You may see all the scores in the review of the 2007-2008 season

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