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For Archers of the Knowne Worlde, a challenge to keep your eye keen and your arm strong all summer long.


Hey folks, it's... Another one? The Midrealm Archer-General, who clearly has too much time on his hands, is now sponsoring a Summer Challenge. Midrealm shooters may regard this competition as one method by which I will be evaluating potential members of the Champions team. That's a hint... For archers outside the Midrealm (shrug), what office I hold is of no significance to you. Hopefully, you will enjoy the Challenge purely on it's own. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome anytime.

I have had thoughts about presenting a companion to the Winter Challenge for some time now, so here it is, the first edition of what hopefully will become another enjoyable addition to the SCA roster of postal shoots. Since this is the initial offering, I have very little practical notion as to how it will fly. So this year is as much of a test as anything else. Comments, suggestions, critiques, etc. are very earnestly solicited - this competition is for your benefit, and it can't work unless it meets your expectations. As with the Winter Challenge, it is an entirely unofficial recreational shoot which awards no prizes or honors beyond bragging rights. It is governed entirely by Midrealm rules, guidelines, and conventions, although modifications can be added to meet special considerations as appropriate. And so, on to the rules...

All archers of the Known World are invited to participate in a summer archery competition from May 1, 2004 through October 15, 2004. Each round will consist of two (2) ends. Equipment standards are as per SCA legal for your kingdom. There is no traditional equipment bonus or requirement. Participating archers should include with the scores sent, this info: SCA name, MKA, their SCA group and Kingdom, the type of bow (crossbow, longbow, recurve or other), the bow's draw weight, and whether or not any sight marks on limbs or crossbow rear sights were used.

The marshal-in-Charge is...

 Bruce R. Gordon (Forester Nigel FitzMaurice)
511 East Exchange St., Apt. 3, Akron, Ohio 44304-1866

...and if you like, a copy to for quick posting on the RESULTS page.

The Shoot:

Friend/Foe Round - intended to help develop accuracy. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows each untimed at a 60 cm  5 ring target at 20 yards. The target is divided in half (one may simply draw a thick line down the middle, or apply a piece of cardboard or opaque paper cut in a half-circle to size). Round one scores standard 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 at the right half of the target - shots landing in the left half score negative 3 points. Round two reverses, with scoring shots in the left and negatives applying to the right. Shots touching the dividing line score negative.

Big/Little Round - intended to help archers practice speed shooting with accuracy. It consists of 2 ends of unlimited arrows shot in a 30 second time limit for each end. Three targets are set at 20 yards, 5 yards apart from one another. Flanking targets are 4 x 12 inch rectangles, the central target is 6 x 18 inch rectangle (all arranged lengthwise - i. e. 4 wide by 12 tall, etc.). Each of the smaller flanking targets must be hit at least once before the archer may shoot at the central target. Scoring is 3 points per hit.

Wand Round - intended to help the archer concentrate on minimizing left/right movement. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows untimed. Each end is shot at a target wand 8 x 24 inches, at 30 yards, consisting of a central strip 4 inches wide in one color flanked on either side by strips of a differing tint at 2 inches each. Each arrow within or touching the central strip scores five points. Each arrow outside the central area but within or touching either of the two outer bands scores three points.

Bull's Eye Round - intended to help the archer focus on the center of a target. It consists of 2 ends of 6 arrows each untimed. Each end is shot at a target consisting of a 4 inch circular bull's eye centered within a 8 1/2 inch outer circle, (standard piece of paper). Three of these targets are to be set up, one each at 20, 30, and 40 yards. All arrows within or touching the inner circle of the 20 yard target score four points each, all arrows outside the center bull's eye but within or touching the outer circle of that target score two points each. The thirty yard target scores five and three, respectively, the 40 yard target scores six and four respectively. The archer's first round must be at the 20 or 30 yard distance - archer's choice, their last round must then be at the next distance beyond.

Again, let me emphasize that this first season is highly experimental, and needs your input and suggestions. While I want to retain the rules as written for entire season, to see how they perform, I am very open to suggestions regarding variants and, as I have done in the Winter Challenge, I will add more tables to the scores file if circumstances warrent. So, please tell us how you like the shoot, if there are changes you could suggest or if you have practical and/or reasonable alternatives. All scores due by October 15, 2004.

. Ongoing and Final Results will be posted quickly at:

The Results Page.


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