INTRODUCTION: The following is a third-draft formulation of a Guild Charter. Its purpose is to provide the basis for a charter, by proposing sections and elements in such a fashion as to stimulate discussion and comment among members. It is preliminary in the sense that it continues the process of development, and may stand as a instrument of governance upon the consent of the Guild.


SECTION ONE: The name of this Guild shall be The Gwyntarian Tunner's Guild.

SECTION TWO: The purpose of this Guild shall be to extend and develop knowledge and skill in brewcrafting of period and traditional beverages or preparations by traditional methods. Further, it is our purpose to share the knowledge, skill, and products so developed among not only our membership, but also the wider SCA The Guild, as an unofficial arm of the SCA, does not delineate SCA policy. However, it's members are expected to comply with SCA and Mundane law in all respects. To that end, obedience to drinking-age laws, responsibility of hosts, and responsible behavior by members is to be encouraged at all times.

SECTION THREE: Guilds within the SCA often have spiritual Patrons and Exemplars who provide a focus to the activities of their members. The Gwyntarian Tunners are encouraged to research and celebrate days associated with Patrons of the manufacture and consumption of the fruits of our labor.

SECTION FOUR: There shall be established a ranking system within the Guild, conforming to the Kingdom system already in place. This is based on recognition of an individual who has scored a certain level of points at three different local competitions as a Journeyman, and one who has scored a certain number of points at three different Kingdom-level events as a Master. These recognitions are repeated for each of three different categories; Beers, Wines, and Specialties. There needs to be a very detailed discussion about what criteria would be used for such recognition, but the basic idea is an important one. Along side this topic, it may be noted that the Guild intends to develop standards in more categories than the Kingdom recognizes as "Brewing and Vinting", since the Guild covers more ground than the strict A+S definitions: to wit, we also deal with non- alcoholic preparations and herbal preparations.

SECTION FIVE: It is appropriate to set out the particular fields that members are encouraged to work in, as a way of defining the scope of our area of study. Such a list of fields should include, but is not necessarily limited to: Beers, Ales, Stouts, other malt preparations; Wines, Brandies, Cordials and Liqueurs, meads, other fructose-based preparations; distilled (ie. "hard") preparations such as Uisce Beaghach, Cognac, etc.; medicinal and herbal preparations. Ointments, perfumes, sachets, period preservatives, vinegars, etc., etc.

SECTION SIX: This section should be devoted to a description of Guild insignia, ranking insignia, and any other heraldic or representational artwork associated with the Guild. More specifically, it is intended to create and display a badge denoting Guild membership and areas of interest (ie. a general Guild insignia, with suitable markings below it indicating the member's interest and achievement in one or more of the five categories alluded to above).

SECTION SEVEN: A Guild Chief shall be selected, with the title of "Steward". He shall be responsible for chairing Guild meetings. He shall represent the Guild in an official capacity both to the SCA at large and to the Mundane world, as needed. He should be elected by majority vote of the membership, once a year, at a time and place to be decided upon. A Guild Secretary shall be selected, with the title of "Butler". He shall be responsible for keeping a record of meetings and retaining such records and archives as the Guild shall accumulate. He should be elected by majority vote of the membership, once a year, at a time and place to be decided upon. Elections of officers, and any other questions brought before the Guild as a whole, shall be submitted to the membership to vote upon in a timely fashion. Voting privileges are extended to all active guild members: a Guild member may be considered active who has signed the registry of members, and who has attended at least three meetings, field trips, and/or get-togethers within the past 12 months. (A "get-together" may be defined as any time when five or more Guildmembers meet to discuss or practice our craft.) Membership in the Guild may also be granted on an honorary or special basis to individuals the Guild wishes to so recognize. For purposes of elections and votes, a quorum shall be considered as two-thirds or more of the active membership: most issues should be resolved by majority vote, but changes to the Charter should encompass a three-fourths majority.

(This version written 12 March, 1997)


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