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    This is the Web home of the Gwyntarian Tunner's Guild, a brewers and vintners association within the Society for Creative Anachronism. "Tunner" was a Mediaeval term denoting folk who worked among and on "tuns", those great hogshead barrels used to store potables of all sorts. We selected Tunner as our name because it can refer to workers in and makers of both fruit and grain based beverages, and because it is a sufficiently unusual term that most people, upon hearing it, are likely to ask us just what it is we do.
    What we do, of course, is manufacture various and sundry potables and beverages, usually of an alcoholic nature. Like all craft guilds within the SCA, we are interested in practicing the most traditional methods possible, attempting ultimately to produce quality beverages as close to Mediaeval standards as possible. This is an ongoing process, and naturally we can never be completely sure that we have any particular method exactly as it was; but on the other hand, the traditions of brewcrafting and vinting are ancient and reasonably well documented, so we feel confident that our goals are approachable.
    If you have an interest in this subject, come and join us. We are an informal bunch, and would be delighted to hear from you. We get together for projects and field-trips on a frequent but somewhat unpredictable schedule, but we also hold regular "business" meetings the second Thursday of the month, at the same location as the Marche of Gwyntarian meetings (see links below for details), and immediately following those general meetings. Or, just contact one of us directly. .

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Current Officers


Mistress Arwenna of Kelsey



Master Ian Gourdon



Baron Nigel FitzMaurice




    Here is some freeware for your edification and delight. It is a nice little recipe notebook and log specifically arranged for homebrewers. The author (not a member of the Guild) set it up primarily with beer in mind, but the format can be adapted to any sort of preparation almost without effort. It comes with three sample recipes already in place.

Brewhaha, A home brewers recipe book and preparation log. A zip file of 456K, expanding to about 1.066 Meg. ...


Our Charter...

I won't deliberately inflict our charter on an unsuspecting public, but if you would like to look it over anyway, here is a link to it...

Charter of the Tunners Guild

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Research from Guild members
As can only be hoped, several of our members have engaged in research to one degree or another, and have produced papers or documentation thereby. Here is a selection of those investigations...

By Master Ian Gourdon By Baron Nigel FitzMaurice
Brew-Vint Precious Waters
Cordials Five Arabic Elixers
Meads A Recipe for Spiced Wine
Ales and Beers An Arab Mead
Wines Sakanjubins and Oxymels
A Question of Sugar

Links to brewing, vintning, and related sites...

Total current links: 26


SCA LINKS......9

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The place to go if you have no idea what the SCA is.

SCA - Midrealm The webpage of our local Kingdom, basically the midwest of the United States.

The Marche of Gwyntarian Our local group's webpage. We are located in northeastern Ohio, in the Akron-Kent area.

Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage The resource page for SCA-related brewing and vintning.

Brewing and Vinting The Midrealm's A+S criteria for brewing and vintning

Prohibited Herbs List The regulations of controlled substances within the Midrealm.



Northampton Brewery Northampton, Massachusetts, that is. The website of a local microbrewery there.

The Real Beer Page A general-information site regarding beer, with reviews and special features.

Ratebeer A large site with a mission - to get ratings and quality comparisons for every beer or beer-like product on the face of the globe. More than 16,800 as of this writing. The site requires the creation of a free account on their server, but it doesn't look too crassly commercial, and in fact - if you want to participate in the survey, cookies would be necessary.

Recreating  Medieval English Ales A paper written by Paul Placeway, detailing research into period ales. Mr. Placeway is an SCA researcher, and lives in Æthelmearc (western Pennsylvania), and this paper is a very important contribution to an understanding of early ales, especially unhopped varieties.

Vanberg & DeWulf A detailed website on the subject of Belgian beers, this has a good amount of info and features.

World Beer Styles and Family Tree From Samuel Adams Brewing, this index to the various beer styles, and how they are related to each other. The site is something of a nuisance - it takes awhile to load - but the trip is worth it, since these folks have an understanding and appreciation of beer rarely found among American brewers, and the info in this file and it's immediate links, while fairly basic, should prove quite useful.

World of Beer This is a Net 'zine devoted to beer, and one of the better ones. It often has recipes, and always has interesting articles. Privately maintained by Stephen Beaumont.



Becherovka A site touting an expensive herbal liqueur from the Czech Republic.

Chartreuse The homepage of the people who produce this famous liqueur.

Drambuie The web home of the Drambuie folks. A commercial site for this Scottish liqueur, but it has some useful info.

Drinkon A massive British commercial site featuring on-line ordering - this link goes to their cordials and liqueurs file, one of the most complete stocks I've seen.

LiqueurWeb A website devoted to all things cordial - lots of recipes and information.



Glossary of Wine Terms Here is a handy little lexicon defining most common terms used to describe wines. It's part of  a Wedding Favours website and, without getting too technical, covers 60 essential descriptions in good detail.

Got Mead? A general site devoted to all things concerning our favourite use for honey.

Viticulture and Enology: UC Davis A massively informative site, with extensive offerings in all aspects of wine and wine-making, from the University of California at Davis. There is an enormous links page here.

Wine Lover's Page An online journal on wine and wine-appreciation. Many forums, departments, and columns - even a cartoon. An excellent source for viniculture and the culture of wine.

Wine Spectator On-Line Here is the Web home of a magazine devoted to all aspects of modern wines. There are extensive, articles, and reviews, with a wealth of info and services available. Note though, that to get full use of this site you need to establish an account with their server.



AAA Metal Fabrication Here is the site of a leading manufactor of microbrewey supplies, particularly the vats and containment vessels used in professional and semi-professional brewcrafting. They are located in The Dalles, Oregon.

Alchoholic drinks of the Middle Ages An important general survey with pages on a wide variety of topics in all areas of brewing.

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