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Makers of "The Portable Camping Yurt" for long or short term camping and Outdoor Activities

Welcome to Singing Horse Designs, home of "The Ger".


Dear Friends,
After a 6 year run, I find that worldly considerations are making it impossible for me to continue operating Singing Horse Designs with the energy and focus it requires and deserves. As of March 1st, 2005 I am ceasing my retail operations.
Customers: Please be assured that Gers-in-process will be completed and shipped. I will continue to be a source of standard replacement parts for at least another year.

At some time in the future, I may be offering complete plans and instructions for Ger construction, based on what I have learned since building my first Ger in 1985 and the 40-plus I've made for others since then. I intend to maintain this webpage as an ongoing reference for those considering building their own Ger, or who are simply seeking more information on these wonderful structures..
To those who have freely given their guidance and support, I give my sincere thanks.

TR King, Singing Horse Designs


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Ger, in its natural habitat

Site Established October 13, 1999

As we are constantly improving our manufacturing techniques and design, some photographs on the following pages are prototypes, and are not *precisely* identical to the advertised product.